An <Environment/>-component specifies a runtime environment of your app. With environments you can distinguish your development-environments from your production-environment.


An <Environment />-component is supported as a direct child of an app-component, i.e. either apps/spa or apps/isomorphic.


The <Environment />-component requires you to define the following properties:

  • name is the name of the environment that serves as literal in scripts that work with a certain environment, like deploy. Thus, use short names, with no special characters other than hyphens.
  • domain (optional) is a valid domain, including subdomains (e.g. www) and top-level-domain (e.g. com) that this environment should be available at. Note: you need to have this domain registered and setup in your AWS account!
  • certArn (optional, required in an Single-Page-App-environment with a domain) specifies the ARN (identifier) of the`certificate that covers your domain, e.g. ``”arn:aws:acm:us-east-1:********:certificate/****-**-**-**-**********`, not required of an isomorphic app.
  • offlinePort (optional) specifies the port number when running your app locally, replaces the port :3000.

You can have multiple environments per app.